About the Artists

Alex Papadopoulos

My name is Alex, and what you see in the gallery is my interpretation of artistic photography. That’s why my name is right there in the logo, as you have surely guessed.

The purpose of this project is to create and exhibit aesthetic pictures that leave lasting impressions. I don’t follow trends, I don’t do cheap, I don’t do sexy for the sake of sexy. I leave that to others. Even though they are different in appearance, the one thing that I aim for all my pictures to have in common are timeless aesthetics.

I first came into contact with the world of photography at the age of 6, when my parents bought a Russian Zenit 12XP, which I loved to ‘borrow’ from them to take pictures with. Of course, I ruined quite a few films before my father sat down and tried to explain the photography basics to a child. Expectedly, I didn’t become the next Warhol, but hey, some things stuck in my head, and with that basis, photography would accompany me for the rest of my life. As did that Zenit 12XP as a matter of fact.

During all those years, I largely focused on architecture and landscape photography, primarily with analog cameras. By the time the internet came around, I taught myself how to work with Photoshop thanks to the tremendous amount of tutorials that are available online, even though I’ve always kept, and still keep, the work done on my pictures with Photoshop to a minimum – it has always been my opinion that the beauty of people lie in their imperfections. Due to the switch to Lightroom, the use of Photoshop has been reduced even further.

What had initially started as my favorite past-time began to take an even more prominent part of my life by the age of 18, when I single-handedly planned, organized and created the first yearbook my high school had ever had, which included photographing every single student in a way that would cover their sleep deprivation of the last weeks. By that moment, it had become clear it was working with people and showing them in a specific light was what I like to do the most in photography.

This fascination is what drives me to this day, and I will continue shooting pictures and sharing them with anyone who likes my work until the day that fascination fades.

I would be delighted if you, dear reader, liked my pictures. I’ll give my best to keep them coming.


Franziska Schnellmann

Franziska has proven to be an irreplaceable part of Photographia as a creative/fashion advisor and assistant.

Charming in appearance and undoubtedly half-mexican in character, Franziska is most prominent in caring for the wellbeing and comfort of the models first, and the photographer a distant second. Her primary responsibilities, however, lie in the preparation stage of a shooting: Franziska provides accurate setting and fashion advice, the latter of which is dearly needed, to the photographer. Furthermore, she is a substantial influence in choosing and organizing props that fit the setting and helps keeping the picture clean of any objects that break with it – both of which are achieved with her deepend historical knowledge.

Last but not least, Franziska is managing the social media presence of Photographia with much love and care.

Franziska is currently also a trainee in regards to digital photography. Pictures taken by her will also be proudly featured on Photographia.